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Here are a few different ways you can help:


Knit & Crochet

This is the key to what we do. If you know how to knit or crochet, you are all set to help! Choose a project or an event to join in and get stitching. You can also knit blankets and hats all year long as long as they follow our simple guidelines. Remember all donations need to include our cards and tags that you can download here


"But I don't know how to knit" - that's ok! If you want to try learning, we have linked to some videos that may help.



When you have completed a project, whether it's a group projectevent project or your own project, it's time to send them our way! We will collect all the blankets and donate them to various hospitals at different times of the year. Please use the contact form and we will provide you with an address to send the donations. Remember to include a donation tag with each blanket you send and a donation card in each box. 


Find Others

If you've tried and tried and just can't wrap your head around knitting that's ok! I bet you know someone that can knit or crochet that you can send our way. Finding others is a huge help! The more our community of crafters grows, the more we can donate. Don't be afraid to use social media to share this with your friends and colleagues.


Click on any of the social icon links in the footer below, or on the following list of social media spaces you can find us: 




Donate Yarn

We do not accept monetary donations, but we will accept baby yarn! Please see the guidelines for the kind of yarns that we use. The yarn will be used by our groups for various projects throughout the year. We will make sure you know what your yarn was used for! Make sure you also fill out the donation card found here

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