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Learning how to knit or crochet may seem scary, but anyone can learn! It takes time and practice, but once you get the hang of a knit/purl, you can make anything!


The National Needlework Association has this pretty helpful diagram to keep handy when you're learning how to knit for the first time. The Crochet Guild of America also has an informative page that may help.


Below are video tutorials that show how to start knitting and crocheting. I learned how to knit from YouTube over fifteen years ago! It can be done. I'm great at knitting and not really the best at crocheting. Try both, if one comes more naturally than the other, go for that one! Above all else, practice!

Are videos not really helping? There are many ways you can learn how to knit! Check your local craft stores, yarn shops, libraries, and knitting clubs. Here are just a few links to get you started:

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Classes
Craftsy Online Classes
Michael's Classes
Groupon: you can search for local knitting and crochet classes
Google. Search for "Knitting classes." I bet there are more than a few places nearby.

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