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Our First Group Project! Blankets, Of Course!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to officially kick off our first group project!

We're making blankets of course. Since we're called "The Littlest Blanket" what better way to start off than with a blanket? Obviously, blanket donations are always welcome no matter the time of year, and I wanted our June project to get us started on the right track. 

This is a nice starting project because you get to choose what you're working on! I want you to make a blanket. That's it, no rules, however the blankets should still adhere to the guidelines for donation. You can knit or crochet for a preemie, micro-preemie or prior to 24 weeks gestation (usually too premature for survival), your choice. Need inspiration on what to knit? Head on over to our Pinterest board and see what patterns have been saved for blankets. 

I chose a versatile blanket pattern from our Pregnancy Loss Blanket Patterns Pinterest board which could be either a preemie blanket or a bereavement blanket depending on how you size it. It's an easy to moderate level knitting pattern which involves knits and purls over multiple rows and repetitions of those rows. This may be a little bit of a challenge for new knitters, but nice and simple for moderate to expert level knitters. 

Sizing information for babies by gestational week can be found here if you were interested in knitting a specific size or looking to resize another pattern that's too big. 

Join us on Facebook to see where I'll be holding this month's group! If you're in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts, I'd love for you to join us!

I want to see photos of your WIPs (works in progress) and final blankets! Post them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #TheLittlestBlanketProject. You can also email them by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom of the page. 

Get stitching! 

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